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Beautiful City of Canmore During Fall

Canmore the jewel of Rockies, is a small town situated in the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary, just an hour and a half drive from downtown Calgary. This town has so much to offer for every traveler. Some parts of Western Canada have some beautiful towns situated in the valley surrounded by gorgeous mountain range and Canmore is one of the town amongst those beautiful towns of Western Canada . The Sparkling Bow River flowing through the town of Canmore and the Rocky Mountains surrounding it, offers the best of both worlds for tourists. Other than beautiful nature walks, lakes and river Canmore also has great food, great local shopping, and in summer fun outdoors as well. If you like music and arts then there are lots of events that Canmore host during summer for those creative eyes. There are many art galleries that organize events in summer for artists to showcase their craft.

Residential Part of Downtown Canmore

Photo taken from Policeman's Creek Boardwalk, Fall View

The diverse nature of this town attracts tourists all year round. Canmore has five ski resorts, one of the perks of being next to the Banff National Park and Bow Valley park, not just this but it also boasts six amazing golf courses for those looking for some relaxed and unique activity time with friends and family. Canmore has many resorts and lodges for all budgets. Some of the lodges on budget near downtown offer kitchenette as well for you to cook your meals.

Some Popular Budget Friendly Lodges:

-Super 8 by Wyndham

-Days-Inn by Wyndham

-Basecamp Suites Canmore

-Lamphouse Hotel Downtown Canmore

-Basecamp Lodge

-Canmore Rocky Mountain Inn

All the above mentioned hotels and lodges have 4 stars or more review on google. Other than these lodges Canmore also offers many AirBnB options that are both in the town and downtown as well. You can also rent cute Chalets that will give you the perfect experience of a warm and cozy style of vacationing. Canmore is a popular staycation destination amongst Calgarians, short drive makes it convenient for them to travel and Canmore has variety of options to choose from when it comes to tours and outdoor excursions.

Beautiful Picture of Downtown Canmore

Downtown village Canmore is so picturesque with a beautiful background of rocky mountains. One of the most beautiful downtowns I have personally visited, it gives a sense of cozy and welcoming feel that comes from the locals in the town. While walking through the downtown it just pulls you towards its mind-blowing beauty and warmth that can certainly be felt. The cute shops with European style architecture gives that charming ambience making it perfect for you to spend a day just hopping store to store. If you want to enjoy the beauty of downtown Canmore then make sure to explore on foot.

The best way to go is to start your morning with the Coffee from Rocky Mountain Bagel Company accompanied with their freshly baked bagel options, make sure to add their in house cream cheese, there is quite an interesting menu to choose from. After the delicious breakfast take a stroll through the Policeman's Creek Boardwalk which is a small trail that is located in downtown Canmore.

Downtown Canmore also has some cute handicraft boutiques owned by the local artisans from Alberta and one of the absolute favorites and popular is Alberta's Marketplace, make sure you go and visit them when you are in Canmore and support our local artists. Le Chocolatier, has become a must-visit shop of Canmore, If you are a chocolate lover then you have to visit them. They are a locally owned store and the owners create some yummy and innovative flavors of chocolates.

O'Canada is another popular locally owned store that produces natural soaps locally without any artificial ingredients and the best part is they are all hand crafted. In all, Canmore has lots of cute stores that offer a variety of locally owned, operated, and made products for you to take back home for your loved ones as a souvenir. I bet the vibrant colors and appearance of the downtown will not at all disappoint you.

Photo taken in Downtown Canmore

The town of Canmore also offers beautiful trails for hikers that leads to some charming and out of the world views of lakes, rivers, and mountains. One of the most popular trails is Grassy Lake, Ha Ling Peak, East End of Rundle. If you are not into hiking, no worries, grab warm coffee and sit back and relax and drive up to the three sister mountains, this is a trio of mountain peaks that leads to an incredible drive towards some beautiful streams and the view of the town of Canmore from the top is just breathtaking.

Another popular tourist attraction and worth experiencing is the Snow Dog Sledge ride, the company popular for running the tours is Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours Inc. The adorable snow dogs are such a treat to watch with their pack and you get to learn more about these dogs through this tour and get a chance to get up close and personal with them. The company offers various tours the most popular are two hours and four hours. The four hour tour takes you 24 km deep into the forest giving you the true experience of nature. These dogs are incredibly strong and very well trained, I would recommend considering this tour, it is once in a lifetime experience.

If you are an adventurous person then the Canmore helicopter ride is for you, the Alpine Helicopter Inc offers one of the most scenic and spectacular flights. The tour takes you close to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, make sure to have your camera handy as you will not get tired of clicking photos of the beautiful view of the valley and mountains that you will cherish all your life. This tour is a good option to keep in mind if you are planning a surprise for someone special, trust me they will not get disappointed at all.

I can write so much more about this beautiful town words can not justify the beauty of this town, it has certainly not received as much love as Banff, so pack your bags and head to Canmore and give your love and support to this gem of Western Canada. I will cover Banff in my next series, what is popular in Banff town, and some information on the stunning downtown Banff.

View of Upper Grassy Lakes, Canmore

Policeman's Creek Boardwalk Downtown Canmore
View of Frozen Bow River, photo taken in Downtown Canmore

Herd of Caribou enjoying a dip in the Bow River

Some Popular Hikes/Trails that might interest you:

  • Bow River Loop

Hike Easy

2 Km Loop

25 minutes to complete

  • Policeman's Creek Boardwalk

Hike Easy


About 15 minutes to complete just the boardwalk

  • Larch Island Imperative Trail

Hike Easy

3.5 Km

  • Three Sisters Pathway

Hike Easy

6.7 Km

About 2 hours one side

  • Grassi Lakes Hiking Trail

Hike Moderate

3.8 km

2 hours approx

Stunning Mountain view, photo taken while driving towards Three Sisters Mountain Range

Scenic view while driving towards Three Sisters Mountain Range

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