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Gift Ideas for Travelers

Looking for a gift for a traveler?? This guide will make it easier for you to decide what to gift to someone who travels a lot. This is something you can refer to throughout the year. Gifting someone can be tricky and sometimes overwhelming and so what better than having a guide to help you find the right gift for your traveler friend or a dear family member. I personally love to travel, and hence with my research, I came up with these gift ideas that fit all budgets. Let's explore and help you find that perfect gift.

Note: All prices are in CAD and subject to change.

My first recommendation would be a world map scratch off poster. This is an amazing gift option, traveling is creating memories. So what better than a scratch-off map. Gift them something that they will cherish all their life. This specific map comes with US states and Canadian provinces individually marked, easy to mark.

Travel passport holder and wallet is also a great gift for someone who loves to travel. A

travel passport holder is handy and always keeps documents and cards organized and easy to reach.

My third recommendation would be an electronics and gadget organizer. We all know we are living in a technologically dominant world. Travelers these days carry various devices to capture their travel memories, if you can help them keep their electronics organized even better Right!!

Travel involves constant moving and change of environment. Travel Water bottle is essential when traveling. A good travel bottle should be lightweight, strong, and easy to use. This particular bottle is really good, especially for a traveler as it is compact, collapses and easy to store.

A camping planner makes a perfect gift for someone who loves to go camping. This planner has a special section for capturing information about the campground which is fantastic. Great planner for campers, I also feel this would be a perfect stocking stuffer if this is a Christmas Gift.

My sixth gift recommendation would be a digital portable luggage weighing scale, when it comes to baggage it is essential and every airline has their predetermined baggage policy. A weighing scale always comes in handy to weigh baggage before travel making it easy to pack. This gift would also be a good stocking stuffer.

Travel Pillow is my next recommendation, every traveler looks for a good travel pillow. Long-haul flights can be exhausting however a good travel pillow can make a huge difference in the journey.

My eighth gift recommendation would be a jewelry organizer. When traveling to multiple destinations and especially when travelers are restricted on carrying limited baggage a good jewelry and toiletry organizer comes in handy. Easy to pack and also easy to find small jewelry items.

A comfortable and cozy pair of slippers is another ideal gift option for a traveler, especially when traveling long hours. Changing into snug slippers makes it cozy and relaxing when traveling. Comfort is number one priority for anyone traveler.

A power bank is also great gift option for travelers. Power bank turn out to be useful for charging your devices on the go. Power Banks also make great stocking stuffers.

My last recommendation would be an International travel adaptor, traveler traveling to an international destination always face challenges with charging and using electronics. A good universal charger and adaptor helps you stay connected with your electronics and arrive hassle-free to new destinations without worrying about where to charge or use your electronics.

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